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This is a very sad bit of local news.

I saw it on the local news, and thought it was sad, but then I heard that the man that died was a friend of my friend Lorna's son Mark. Suddenly it's a who lot more personal. :(
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Just been to see a flat. They've been really noisy upstairs and I remembered that Dave, the plumber had mentioned one. I gave him a ring and he said I could come and have a look at it. It was really nice, but tiny. It'd suit someone who'd just left home. I'd have had to get rid of half of my furniture which is a high price to pay for quiet and warmth. Had a nice natter with Dave. He's from an army family background too. About my age divorced and actually thinks about stuff. *sigh* What could possibly go wrong? ;)

Otherwise, I've done my OU and been to visit Eva and that's it. Why am I so tired?
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Viola's Horrible Week

I'm sure I've mentioned mentioned Viola who lives upstairs with her family. Always good for a cup of tea and a laugh, and she manages to be a grandma and a diva all at once. She's in charge of her chaotic eastern european Gypsy family. Now, somehow I missed both of these incidents although I was here as usual.

One evening last week Alex the oldest son and his brother-in-law were mucking about out front when four police cars arrived. Alex was playing with a toy gun that Viola had bought down the Sunday market and someone had phoned the police, thinking it was real! Looked like cheap shiny plastic to me. Anyhow, after something of a discussion the 2 men were taken off to the police station but released immediately.

I don't think the police were called because of a genuine mistake, I think it was spite. They're not so good at ethnic or sexual diversity round here. *sigh*

So on Sunday I went to see Viola and she was on crutches and in pain. Turned out on Friday she'd been to the bank come home and down at the kitchen table then passed out. Hannah who speaks no English was with her and Cornelia who's about 10. Cornelia came down to get me, but I didn't hear her knock. I mean what's wrong with me? Somehow they phoned an ambulance - I think they phoned Alex to do it for them. Viola was taken to hospital with a badly twisted ankle and very high blood pressure. They wanted to keep her in but she refused. She forgot the tablets they gave her and conveniently lost the bandage. I read her the riot-act about getting tablets from her GP, but she's way more of a diva than me! ;)

Meanwhile Eva's still not had that baby. She came waddling up the stairs with a load of washing. I said she should be resting and Handsome Pete doing all the work. Everybody fell about laughing! Hmmm...

Viola says that the next Pope will be a black man. You heard it here first! ;)
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Very nearly up to date with the dreaded OU. Actually this course M150 is my favourite so far. Perhaps I'm learning to learn... Oh dear! I have a terrible feeling of forbodding like Xander when you hear say, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Spent most of the afternoon watching Exodus on TV. Amazing film. (The book, by Leon Uris is even better.) Tragic too, as 50 years on they're still no closer to a resolution of the conflict in Israel. :(

Eva's still not had her baby yet. 6 days overdue and counting. The woman's looking like a small whale, on legs!. I saw her today and she said, "Him not want come out!" I said that I didn't blame him, much nicer in Mummy! ;) Bumped into her husband, Handsome Pete at the Co-op and helpfully suggested castor oil. Pretty sure he didn't understand, but he got my heart fluttering as usual. It's very difficult not to flirt with him - but enough of my problems! :P

Throughly enjoyed Dr Who again. Have yet to detect anything less than masculine about him, but perhaps it's me? Nah! It's a mystery!

Ah well, chicken nuggets and oven chips for tea in front of "Casualty". :)
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Never Cross the Road with a Gurkha

There's this sort of sum that grown-ups do in their heads to cross the road. It goes something like, How fast is that car going? + How has can I run = Can I make it = Yes / No. Anyhow, I have problems with this sum, what with the CFS and all so I tend to cross with a sensible adult - no, I don't actually ask, but it has occurred to me! Today my choice of sensible adult was a small but tough looking oriental, I'm guessing one of our Gurkhas. The traffic was very heavy so I stuck close to him and when he went so did I, only he was lke a whippet and I'm more like a tortoise! Oh well I survived.

Market was on in Town, which was lovely. Some of the stalls are from France, you know! :) Did a bit of food shopping in M&S then trudged home.

Oh it was lovely though. There was this little girl in a bridal shop trying on a bridesmaid dress. It was long and burgundy with a silver tiara. She was twirling round, obviously feeling every inch a princess. I smiled at her, through the window and she smiled back. You can when you're a grandmum you know! ;)
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Saw the first part of the mini-series "Earthsea" yesterday. It was really poor. I've loved the book since my teens. (Oh just 5 or so years ago then Mandy?) ;) Ged was totally miscast, a hunky oversexed American quarter-back. He really wasn't like that in the book, he was tall and dark-skinned like an American Indian. I dislike all the motivation in the book being sexual - Ged didn't loose his virginity until he was in his seventies and retired as a Wizard. Oh yeah and why was the baddy, Jasper the only English person? OK it's traditional, but still cheap.

The look of the thing was too sunshiny and pretty, Earthsea was a darker, grimmer place...

Oh my head hurts!

This is what the author, Ursula Le Guin thought of it.
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Today I did my dusting...

...well, I love to boast! Hadn't done it for a fortnight though.

Nice quiet day. Got the press pack for "Stage Beauty" and am tickled pink with it. Lovely, lovely pictures! Of course it's in french, so it'll take me a while to read, mais tant pis!

Ian's been offered the job in Cambridge but is not quite sure if he wants it. Hope he doesn't.

Oh, I've got to go to Canterbury for a doctor to see if I'm actually ill. (For benefit puposes.) Well I am, so I've nothing to worry about - have I? *starts gnawing nails*
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