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Today I've started to learn JavaScript on my OU course. Hmmm. Pretty sure I'm way too stupid for this. Never mind, it's never stopped me before! :P

Nice sunny day, which is odd for a bank-holiday weekend. Went to the Co-op for supplies (OK milk and chocolate) and felt really silly in my big black parka. Otherwise have been indoors with the windows closed as sunshine = hayfever. *cough cough*

ladymymy and Ian have been to see a house. It's in the same road as his parents and really quirky - so it'll suit them! ;) Interesting features are a wedge-shapped kichen and bathroom, latches rather than door handles, beams and an open fireplace. I really, really hope they get it.

Oh nearly time for Dr Who and those actually scary Daleks! *gulp* I'll just make my place behind the settee comfortable! :D

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