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Happy Birthday Miss Isis!

Isis has now reached the grand old age of four! She's as bright as a button and full of mischief! One day I'll be her special guardian, but it's all taking a while. I'm happy but very, very tired. Here's some birthday pictures taken on her very own camera!


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Lovely Icony Quizy Thing.

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Today I've started to learn JavaScript on my OU course. Hmmm. Pretty sure I'm way too stupid for this. Never mind, it's never stopped me before! :P

Nice sunny day, which is odd for a bank-holiday weekend. Went to the Co-op for supplies (OK milk and chocolate) and felt really silly in my big black parka. Otherwise have been indoors with the windows closed as sunshine = hayfever. *cough cough*

ladymymy and Ian have been to see a house. It's in the same road as his parents and really quirky - so it'll suit them! ;) Interesting features are a wedge-shapped kichen and bathroom, latches rather than door handles, beams and an open fireplace. I really, really hope they get it.

Oh nearly time for Dr Who and those actually scary Daleks! *gulp* I'll just make my place behind the settee comfortable! :D
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OMG! WORST MUTHA EVA!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!

It's true, I am a very bad mother indeed. :( I'd planned to have ladymymy and grandbaby Issy come and visit this week. I sent them some money so they could buy tickets. It never turned up. Couldn't understand it, until I looked in my handbag this morning. Yes, you guessed it - I'd not posted the letter at all! Blame it on brainfog. Of course Laura called me a silly chump! ;) (Yeah right!) Still, I really did post it now and they'll be coming next week.

Meanwhile, Issy has walked 2 steps and cut a tooth! Yay! Just as well, we were starting to talk about baby dentures. ;)
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The Russians are Coming!

This morning I was woken up by 2 handsome Russians. Yes it's true! I heard a doorbell ringing at about 7 this morning and thinking it might be the postman I stumbled bleary-eyed to the front door. There were these 2 tall, blonde blue-eyed young men standing there. Me at my best as well! They said, "Very sorry!" and I said, "No problem. You want upstairs?" (again with the fluent pigeon english.) I pointed to the correct doorbell and went back to bed.

I didn't know until later that they were Russians. I asked Viola if they had any older brothers. She laughed and said "They twenty. You want nice young husband?" Ahhh! Those poor boys! ;)
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Spring is Sprung!

Just been for a walk. It's a lovely Spring day and I really enjoyed just being able to get about. Exercise can be fun after all! Remind me of this when I'm grumpy again or my legs are stiff! ;) This boozy old man with a walking stick told me how nice I was looking today. I took it in the spirit in which it meant - quite cheered me up in fact. Yes, I do talk to anybody don't I? ;D

Eva Hovatova broke my chair! It's true! I was on to Child Tax Credit for her and there was this splintering and a shriek and poor girl was on the floor. Couldn't stop laughing and neither could the nice lady on the other end of the phone. To be fair, it was my friend Jill who actually caused the damage in the first place, Eva was just unfortunate enough to deal the death blow. lol!

Joined a Christian pen-pal thing. It's all my friend Jenny's fault. It's all really clunky and dated and you get contacted by people from Chad interested in marriage.... Arrgh, why me?? Jenny's really nice. I've never had a real-life friend that I spend more time on MSN with than talking to face-to-face, before. Hmm, perhaps ladymymy but we spend more time on the phone.

"Abemus Papa!" Love that phrase, probably spelled it wrong. Did anyone hear Jeremy Paxman ask the Prime Minster if he'd ask the condom question when/if he met the Pope? I wanted to cheer. Of course, Mr Blair said something on the lines of it not being polite.

Oh well, better do some OU.
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Interview at Canterbury

Went to my Medical Services interview for my eligibility for Incapacity Benefit today. Had to go all the way to Canterbury *gasp* but after a fax form sent from my GP they laid on a taxi. The journey was really pleasant, even though it rained all day. There's some glorious countryside, complete with lambs and picturesque villages.

The examination/interview went quite well. The doctor was a pleasant Asian guy who I felt comfortable speaking to, thank goodness. I've been introgated by some real bullies in my time. He was amused by my hypermobility - I'm very bendy for a poorly person. :P Apparently I'll know the result in 4 weeks time. Bloody sadists! There again, I don't know how anybody could expect me to work, except as a mattress tester! ;)

Coming back was interesting. The taxi-driver had this thingumy in his car connected to a satellite. It told him how to get here, to within 3 doors! I was well impressed, especially as I'm rubbish at giving directions.

Had a good sleep when I got home. Too much excitement in one day!